Skills for Communication Through Conflict & Vulnerability

Skills for Communication Through Conflict & VulnerabilitySkills for Communication Through Conflict & Vulnerability

About Diana

Diana Adams, Esq., is a mediator, lawyer, speaker, facilitator, and coach. Healthy honest communication is the thread throughout Diana’s work. In all of these roles, Diana encourages and teaches others to speak beyond taboos, through fear, about crucial issues like relationships, consent, sexuality, monogamy, parenting, money, and trauma. By skipping or mishandling these conversations to avoid conflict, we can face misunderstandings that lead to conflict in families and relationships, we may not meet each others needs or hopes, and we may not honor each others boundaries fully. Communication and emotional skills are soft skills that often are not taught because we assume adults will pick up along the way- but we very often don’t. 


Diana is a thought leader on LBTQ issues and the future of family structure, who does frequent media interviews, public speaking, and teaching.

Diana is passionate about sharing real-world tools to transform communication, self-awareness, and our lives, and  speaks internationally about LGBTQI parenting, marriage alternatives, and the evolving structure of the family. Diana does frequent law school teaching, most recently as an Adjunct Law Professor at Cornell Law School teaching LGBTQ Family Law, and as a frequent guest lecturer at Harvard law School, and is also frequently interviewed as an expert on LGBTQ and nontraditional family structures, with interviews in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Huffington Post, New York Magazine and many more. 

This coverage is due in part to her outspokenness about her own nontraditional family. Diana’s ability to speak boldly about her own life and about proposals for legal reform reflect an unflinching perseverance which she brings to advocacy on behalf of her clients. 

Download a PDF of Diana's Speaker Profile here.

Diana is a trained mediator by the NY Peace Institute and the Center for Understanding in Conflict, and has worked with hundreds of couples, triads, and other families to support peaceful decision-making and healthy communication. 

Diana received a Bachelor of Arts from Yale in Political Science and a Juris Doctorate from Cornell Law School focusing on feminist legal theory and American government reform. Diana practiced welfare law reform for New York City and worked in legal services for women and families in poverty before starting her innovative boutique law practice Diana Adams Law & Mediation, PLLC in 2006, focusing on advocacy for LGBTQ and chosen families.


Diana travels between New York City and Frankfurt, Germany, managing our European and NY offices, and is available to clients in both regions, with frequent touring of the U.S. and Europe in between. Diana welcomes opportunities to meet with clients and do speaking appearances along her travels. 

When not stated, Diana is in Frankfurt, Germany seeing clients in that region in person and clients around the world via video conference.

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