Skills for Communication Through Conflict & Vulnerability

Skills for Communication Through Conflict & VulnerabilitySkills for Communication Through Conflict & Vulnerability

De-escalation and Conflict Resolution

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As an experienced mediator, Diana is skilled at communication through conflict and de-escalation of high-stress situations. 

Diana teaches these skills of de-escalation to many professionals who may encounter anger or frustration, including trainings for:

  • Professionals to enhance skills of working on a team, including in business and law firm settings. 
  • College deans, staff and academics, including the Yale College Deans Office, to manage interpersonal dynamics including students who may receive negative feedback with anger.
  • Theater managers who may need to set boundaries with late or disruptive theater patrons, manage crowds, or deliver disappointing news of a sold out show to a frustrated crowd waiting in line, including many trainings for Yale Drama’s student theater. managers
  • Safe Space monitors at clubs, large parties or events, or campus parties, to safely approach patrons who may be overly intoxicated, violating consent, or otherwise creating an unsafe environment for other patrons. 

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