Skills for Communication Through Conflict & Vulnerability

Skills for Communication Through Conflict & VulnerabilitySkills for Communication Through Conflict & Vulnerability

Private Coaching

After over a decade of exploring open relationships and personal transformation work, Diana has created her dream life and relationships --and believes you can too.

For over a decade, Diana has worked as a family mediator, lawyer, and relationship coach, to support people in designing the relationships of their dreams. Diana coaches individuals, couples, triads, and poly families on enhancing communication and crafting their own relationship agreements. Diana would love to help you:

  • Open up your relationship, define monogamy/non-monogamy agreements, or navigate polyamory/Consensual Non-Monogamy 
  • Teach you tools to express needs, desires, and boundaries in relationships and enhance communication
  • Navigate negotiations of sexual desires in relationship, including exploration of BDSM/kink
  • Design your commitment ceremony, radical wedding or vows.

Diana works with clients internationally via video conference, or could do a one-time meeting while in your town. See Diana’s travel schedule.

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