Skills for Communication Through Conflict & Vulnerability

Skills for Communication Through Conflict & VulnerabilitySkills for Communication Through Conflict & Vulnerability

Consent Education in Colleges

 For over a decade, Diana has taught Consent Education and Sexual Assault Prevention, primarily on college campuses. 

Diana teaches regularly at Yale College to their Consent and Communication peer educators, and in classes on Sexual Violence in the Gender Studies Department.

Diana has taught many times on Healthy Relationships, Domestic Violence, and Consent to young men who are NCAA student-athletes and to fraternities, such as at Borough Manhattan Community College.

Diana’s consent-oriented campus teachings have included:

  • Yes Means Yes: Affirmative Consent
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Toxic Relationships: Recognizing Warning Signs
  • Safer Parties: Sexual Assault Prevention, Alcohol Abuse Prevention
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Communication Skills to Transform Conflict into Understanding
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Physical Self-Defense (Diana is formerly a nationally-ranked martial artist!)
  • Domestic Violence Awareness & Healthy Relationships

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